Sustainability in Badjatex

Sustainability in Badjatex

We have been addressing global concerns on environmental conservation by using organic fibers since 2006 and recycled cotton fibers since 2009, as well as collaborating with sustainable chemical and dye suppliers to develop fabric materials with low-impact chemicals, and with partners who supply us with BCI certified cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester fibers, Tencer and Refibra fibers.

An environment is only sustainable if it doesn’t destroy any of its resources. We should use resources in such a way that it has a positive effect on our environment. We should reduce activities that can negatively affect our environment. So, in order to have a better future, we took a brave step to make fashion business sustainable. And this is our little insight into the first sustainable denim manufacturer in Indonesia.


We all know that water is a very important substance, we need it every day to live. But, in fact, there’s only a limited amount of freshwater that can be used for us. In response to this, we implemented wastewater treatment at our factory which resulted in savings of 425 million liters of water in the last three years.


To prove our sincerity in creating a sustainable fashion business, we use eco-friendly fabric processing/finishing equipment that uses ozone gas instead of water and chemicals, namely G2 Machines which only 1 in Southeast Asia. This machine has benefits; chemicals free, low energy consumption, zero discharge technology, and reduced CO2 emissions.